The World of Lampe Berger Paris
Lampe Berger Paris has been fragrancing and purifying air since 1898 thanks to the inventor of it's catalyst technology and his meticulous workmanship in the creation of fragrances that give house a soul.
Today Lampe Berger Paris offers you a full range of products that meet your expectations in indoor air care, fragrancing and design.

Box Set come w/small Oil

We have a Large Inventory
of Oil in Stock.
The Gallows carries a large line of Lampe Berger of Paris products that include Burner Lampe's and a huge selection of Home Fragrances.

Please come in to our location or call the Gallows at 208-234-2544. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. At the Gallows we never keep card numbers on file.

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