Corkcicle Canteens

Corkcicle Tumblers
With proprietary triple insulation, the canteen keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. Available in 14 colors and with four sizes, 9oz, 16oz, 25oz (holds a standard bottle of wine) and a 60oz (holds two standard bottles of wine).

Stemless Wine Glasses

Corkcicle AIR+
Stemless wine glasses feature beautiful designs, spill-proof lids, and triple insulation. Perfect for enjoying the outdoors!
Corkcicle AIR+ perfectly chills white wines and brings red wines to the optimal room temperature. It even aerates and corks your wine!

New! Corkcicle Lunch Coolers
Gallows carries a large line of Corkcicle products that include Tumblers, Canteens, ArtiCans, Corkicle Air, Cap Opener and Whiskey Wedges.

Please come in to our location or call Gallows at 208-234-2544. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards. At Gallows we never keep card numbers on file.

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