The World of Lampe Berger Paris
Lampe Berger Paris has been fragrancing and purifying air since 1898 thanks to the inventor of it's catalyst technology and his meticulous workmanship. These fragrances are designed to clean the air of bacteria and microbes, as well as unwanted odors, all while scenting the air.
Today Lampe Berger Paris offers you a full range of products that meet your expectations in indoor air care, fragrancing and design. Beautiful crystal cut lamps from France are a great way to decorate your home while making it smell wonderful and clean.

Fragrance of the Week
Fragrance of the Week: Tropical Mango!
All Lampe Berger lampes are now 20% off with a purchase of the fragrance of the week!
Gallows carries a wide variety of Lampe Berger fragrances, diffusers, candles, lamps, and gift sets. Here's a glimpse at the products we're carrying in 2019.


Reed Diffusers
Gallows stocks over 40 different Lampe Berger fragrances, as well as candles, diffusers, and more!
Lampe Berger also eliminates pet, bathroom, tobacco, and food odors! Safe for use around pets and children*.

*Please keep them away from the lampes, as they may burn themselves. Fragrance liquid is intended for burning use only, do not use internally or on skin.

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